Installing the Game

You'll need to install the game in your devices!


  1. 1.
    Download the app in your devices
  2. 2.
    Log in the game
  3. 3.
    Start playing

1. Downloading the app

Once you have at least 3 Axies in your Ronin wallet, you may download the apps on Axie Infinity Download page.
Or you can also find them directly on below download links:
* For iOS users: Currently the TestFlight testing platform is full, you'll need to use other platforms to play for now. If you would still like to try your luck you can try here.
* For mac0s users: Please follow the instructions here: and check the "Allow apps downloaded from." box. Once checked you can attempt to run the hub install and whitelist the app.

2. Logging in

There are 2 types of applications you'll download from above links. For desktops, you'll download Mavis Hub, the launcher for Axie Infinity games. Whereas for mobiles, you'll directly download the game app.

2.1 Desktop (Mavis Hub)

After installing and launching Mavis Hub, you first need to login using your email and your password.
Once you're logged in, you'll see the PLAY button, which you can now click to start your game! (You'll be prompted to install the game on first launch)

2.2 Mobile (App)

To login on the mobile devices you'll need QR code which you can either get from Axie Infinity Dashboard or Mavis Hub.
You'll need QR code to login on mobile app

Getting the QR code

There are 2 ways to get the QR to start playing the game.


On Axie Infinity Dashboard you'll find the "Show QR" on top right of the screen, just below your username and email. Once clicked, the QR will appear.

Mavis Hub Launcher

If you have Mavis Hub installed, you can click on the cog icon beside your user name. Next, click on "Show QR code" on the pop-up. You'll be presented with the QR you need to scan from you mobile device.

3. Congrats!

You are now logged in and ready to chew gum and kick-ass!